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Just The Facts, Please

         An astute older businessman told me one time “If you do not heed history you are doomed to repeat it”. The Federal Reserve has done a masterful job of being a political spin doctor. They have fooled the majority of Congress into believing their path is correct. Two wrongs do not make a right and the second wrong is about to be unleashed. The Fed has a corner on the market of making gigantic wrongs. The philosophy of throwing money at problems instead of morality is a recipe for disaster.          The first of March saw Vice-Chairman Donald Kohn
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Views From The Barnyard, 2010

My 2010 “Views From The Barnyard” are going to address, in priority, the biggest potential influences as well as some very noticeable abnormalities. My 30 plus years of trading has not only opened my eyes to some very distinct warning signals but also the profit potential of recognizing those situations and taking action. This year’s “Views From The Barnyard” will have observations relating to unique and yes bizarre happenings we are experiencing. Many of the observations will also be followed by some scenarios, based on history, that are likely to unfold. My specific topics this year will include characters as
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