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My forecast and commentary for 2011 is intended to plant seeds in an open mind. We are into the transformation of our society, culture, habits and balance of power, as well as climate.             A very wise sage business man that I have known for many decades, has said to me “There are a lot of people who have much money, but there are many more people who do not”. The problem with the U.S. is not that we have poor, but that the poor strive to stay poor. That is the infancy of a state of third world mentality.
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Views From The Barnyard, 2010

My 2010 “Views From The Barnyard” are going to address, in priority, the biggest potential influences as well as some very noticeable abnormalities. My 30 plus years of trading has not only opened my eyes to some very distinct warning signals but also the profit potential of recognizing those situations and taking action. This year’s “Views From The Barnyard” will have observations relating to unique and yes bizarre happenings we are experiencing. Many of the observations will also be followed by some scenarios, based on history, that are likely to unfold. My specific topics this year will include characters as
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